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Engineering, IT and Technical Recruitment

This category of career usually has a more clearly defined career path than many others. Technical knowledge is either acquired through study in the first instance or by experience thereafter. Success is then usually dependant upon the candidates ability to apply the acquired knowledge or experience in certain applications.

Which ever technical role we recruit for, we apply competence criteria to select on paper who could potentially carry out the job role. We look for in depth competences, their application, analysing exactly what happened and the result. Also the impact of the candidates contribution and / or input.

We may also ask the candidate to complete a technical competency task / question / exercise in order to predict future performance.

Softer skills such as management and communication may not come naturally to this category of worker. Therefore, we coach each client to be extremely careful when promoting someone who is technically very capable into a role which requires skills which are not natural. The challenge is to balance the necessary technical skills with those softer skills which are necessary in management roles.

We have tried and tested systems in place to attract, screen and prepare a wide range of candidates to work at your facilities, whether they be temporary, contract or permanent.

It is our policy to meet every candidate in person. For temporary workers we register each candidate and check experience and competences through interview.

Candidates attending our offices for perm and contract roles are registered and then interviewed against each job specification, provided to us by the client.

All candidates will be sourced from within the local area to the site where they will work. Our experience shows this works more effectively and has proved to deliver more reliable and consistent productivity.

For all workers supplied, we will check candidate identity, proof of their right to work in the UK and proof of their address. Where possible we will apply online tests to check, skills, knowledge and experience as a future predictor of performance in the job.

If you have a company specific test which you would like us to conduct on your behalf as a benchmark standard, then we could also do that for you.

We believe that all workers supplied through Peter Knight Recruitment Ltd should be relevant, well presented and be fully briefed. If we are not fully convinced by the candidate, then we will not put that candidate forward to you for consideration.

As a quality control check we will also take up 2 references from the last 3 years work history and seek reasons for gaps in employment.

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