Successful job hunting is about research,

preparation and not giving up,

but mainly about preparation

Candidates - Successful job hunting is about research, preparation and not giving up, but mainly about Preparation

There are some things in life that most people see as being the most stressful things to go through. Changing jobs can be one of those stressful events if you don't spend enough time working out what you really want to achieve.

One reason amongst some of the most common reasons for not being happy in a job and then leaving is the job is not what was discussed at interview or misunderstandings at interview.

Individuals at the employing company can also be the main source as to why new employees fail. This is because they sometimes don't have the skills, vision and experience to know what they are looking for.

There are occasions where a set of circumstances mean that you could well be the best person for the job, but you are not offered the post through no fault of your own.

The ideal situation is where everyone has their expectations met in terms of job content, job fit and remuneration. This Win : Win situation is our aim in every single hire and we take great care to ensure that excellent communication at every stage reduces the chances of things going wrong.

As a candidate, we would like you to accept an obligation from us to be diligent in returning our calls in a timely manner and to be honest with the information you provide us with. Also to follow up with any appropriate communication necessary to ensure a positive outcome for you, us and the client.

As a consultant, our role is to listen carefully to our clients and provide them with diverse opportunities to make people decisions. Quite often, we are asked to provide people who we consider are what they have wanted and not what they have needed. It is also the case that clients make decisions that we don't necessarily agree with. However our role is not to be judgemental in this regard, but only to provide options.

The above information is intended to give you a brief overview of what can happen, however if you work with us and listen carefully to how we work and our coaching to you, then there is a very high chance of you having the best chance of success to secure your ideal job.



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